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Good post.

Don't forget that we're talking about Apple here.

Apple bans music applications for iPhone:

Behind the Flash delay for iPhone: Pandora?

Ryan Pollock

Apple may very well try to prevent the delivery of music to the iPhone by third parties. So far Apple has been able to "get away" with this approach on the iPod, and it turned to the destruction of DRM to justify the closed model. But I don't think it's going to be able to make a strong case for why it should be the only company that can stream music to the iPhone.

Apple will be in much better position if it builds a subscription service and invites competition than if it remains a la carte and continues to close off competition. The closed model is only going to invite further antitrust scrutiny.


Agreed. Though to be fair to Apple, the music labels hate Apple. If they were to allow an unlimited subscription, it would be with third parties first. Right now, Apple can't get unlimited downloads for iTunes because the labels won't let them, and they went with Amazon for DRM-free music first. And of course, Apple won't let third parties do music on the iPhone or iPod, so it's a stalemate for now.

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